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Tulare Lake Compost

Tulare Lake Compost, located on less than 200 acres of a 14,562-acre site in Kings County, will be a state-of-the-art, aerated, static pile composting facility when its phased construction is complete. The facility will have the capacity to convert up to 500,000 tons of anaerobically digested and dewatered biosolids and 400,000 tons of agricultural waste materials each year into a valuable compost product. Composting produces a stabilized, organic material that will be incorporated into depleted topsoil on the remainder of the San Joaquin Valley site to increase the productivity of the agricultural land by improving moisture retention, porosity, and nutrient conditions in the soil.

The biosolids will be mixed with agricultural wastes to create a mixture that is optimized for the composting process. This will reduce open burning of these wastes, which has historically contributed to air pollution problems in the San Joaquin Valley. The composting facility will employ the static pile process in which air is forced through piles of the compost mixture to provide oxygen for the composting process. Engineered fabric covers will capture odors and organic emissions which may otherwise be released from the composting materials. At full capacity, the composting facility will be able to process over 80 percent of the biosolids produced in the Joint Outfall System and the Santa Clarita Valley. The finished product will comply with the composting standards for “Exceptional Quality” compost.


Aerial photo of Tulare Lake Compost, April 2015.