The Laboratories of the Sanitation Districts perform analytical testing for process control, regulatory compliance, and industrial source control purposes. In addition, the Laboratories actively participate in research projects for current topics in the environmental field.

The Laboratories' staff consists of over 150 individuals educated and experienced in biology, chemistry, microbiology, and other related disciplines. They provide a full range of analytical chemistry services as well as expertise in biological toxicity testing and landfill air quality assessment. Some of our state-of-the-art instruments include GC, GCMS, ICP, ICPMS, and LC.

The Laboratories two main locations are in Whittier and Carson, but there are also satellite laboratories for process control activities located at eight of the Water Reclamation Plants. Each of the Laboratories is certified by the State of California under the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP).

ELAP Certification Numbers

Laboratories' Ethics Program

The Laboratories are committed to ensuring data of great accuracy and high quality. Consequently, the Laboratories participate in third-party proficiency testing programs and Laboratory Management has instituted a Laboratory Ethics Program.

Research Articles and Presentations