Air and Gas Analysis Group

The Air Group at the JWPCP Laboratory analyzes a wide variety of gaseous samples for volatile organics and odor causing compounds. In addition to supporting regulatory monitoring, the work performed by the Air Group supports important research in odor and volatile toxics control technologies. The Air Group also provides support for investigations of accidental or intentional discharges of potentially explosive volatile organic substances such as gasoline into the sewer system.

  • Analytes include volatile toxic compounds such as benzene, odorous compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, and permanent gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen.

  • Matrices include ambient air, sewer gases, sewage plant treatment process gases, landfill gases and odor control equipment influents and effluents.

  • Instrumentation includes gas chromatographs equipped with various detectors including flame ionization, thermal conductivity, sulfur chemiluminescence and mass spectrometer detectors.