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Final Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District Chloride Compliance Facilities Plan and EIR

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To view the Draft Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District Chloride Compliance Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for Brine Concentration and Limited Trucking, click here.

Public Notice of Availability (Spanish)

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Facilities Plan
Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Planning Area Characteristics
Section 3 - Laws and Regulations
Section 4 - Water and Wastewater Projections
Section 5 - Facilities Descriptions
Section 6 - Alternative Analysis
Section 7 - Recommended Project Summary

Environmental Impact Report
Section 8 - Purpose and Scope
Section 9 - Aesthetics
Section 10 - Air Quality
Section 11 - Biological Resources
Section 12 - Cultural Resources
Section 13 - Energy Resources
Section 14 - Geology, Soils, and Seismicity
Section 15 - Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Section 16 - Hydrology and Water Quality
Section 17 - Land Use and Planning
Section 18 - Noise
Section 19 - Transportation and Traffic
Section 20 - Cumulative Impacts and Project Alternatives
Section 21 - Responses to Comments
Section 22 - Changes and Errata


List of Preparers and Contributors

Download the complete document:
Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District Chloride Compliance Facilities Plan and Environmental Impact Report (200MB - Warning: This is a large file that will take several minutes or longer to download; it is recommended that you download only the Sections you are interested in.)