Construction Photos

June 2015
Construction of Peck Road Bridge East is completed.
June 2015
Construction of Peck Road Bridge West continues with pier and abutment installation.
June 2015
Sound wall east of Workman Mill Road is completed.
June 2015
Sound wall east of Crossroads Parkway Bridge is under construction.
June 2015
Completed installation of signal bridge west and track installation at Workman Mill Road at-grade crossing.
June 2015
Completed tie-back wall and pier protection walls underneath SR-60 and Crossroads Parkway Bridges.
June 2015
Completed water proofing Access Road inner walls and slurry placement. Next step is to pour outer walls, place reinforced concrete and asphalt.
June 2014
Bridge abutment and pier column east of Peck Road is complete.  The contractor is currently placing concrete for the slope pavement.
June 2014
Installation of the shoring system for the bridge piers west of Peck Road is complete.  The excavation will allow the contractor to drill the foundation for the future bridge piers.
June 2014
Wall construction continues below the SR-60 and Crossroads Parkway bridges.
June 2014
Construction east of the SR-60 freeway continues with concrete placement for the retaining wall.
February 2014
The inspection pit at the railyard was completed.
February 2014
The installation of rebars for the CIDH wall west of SR60 commenced.
February 2014
The installation of struts and whalers was completed, allowing the contractor to proceed with excavation of the south side of the off-street access road.
January 2014
A closure for a signal cabinet was constructed at the west end of the project near Mission Mill Road.
December 2013
The installation of a tieback shoring system at Peck Road continues.  The shoring system will allow excavation and removal of an abandoned concrete abutment and rip rap is obstructing the placement of the piers required for the new railroad bridge.
November 2013
The north side of Workman Mill Road was closed temporarily as the grade of the street was raised.  The work was completed and the street was reopened at the end of November.

October 2013
The shoring system for the access road was removed.  Exacavation was completed, connecting the access road north and south of railroad tracks.  The southern railroad bridge was also set.

September 2013
Irrigation and landscaping, which included planting trees, laying down sod, and hydroseeding, was completed at the end of September.

August 2013
Overview of the PHIMF shows the site paving progress and track installation.

August 2013
Construction of the wall underneath the SR-60 freeway and Crossroads Parkway bridges continues.

March 2013
Certain segments of the wall have been completed as shown in the photo to the left.  Construction of the retaining wall along the railroad right-of-way will continue through the remainder of the project.

March 2013
View of the installation of the retaining wall piles adjacent to Crossroads Parkway bridge.
March 2013
View of the completed administration building and driveway.

December 2012
An overview of the PHIMF shows the progress of yard construction as well as the outline of the access road.

Half of the PHIMF has been paved, light poles have been erected, perimeter walls have been installed, and administrative and maintenance buildings are near completion.

December 2012
Construction of the railroad bridge over the access road connecting the Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility and the PHIMF is ongoing.

October 2012
Work on a new railroad bridge over Peck Road to accommodate waste-by-rail trains commenced in February 2012 and will continue through 2013.

Admin Bldg June 2012 July 2012
The administration building at the PHIMF is near completion.

View of the interior training center/conference room in the adminstration building.  


June 2012
A tieback retaining wall is being constructed to replace a concrete embankment at the State Route 60 and railroad crossing near Crossroads Parkway South.  The tieback retaining wall will provide horizontal clearance for a new railraod track for the PHIMF project.

March 2012
The access road connecting the Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility and the PHIMF is mostly completed.  The remaining portion involves construction of a railroad bridge where the access road will cross underneath the railroad tracks.

January 2012
Overview of the PHIMF construction. As shown in the photo, the access road connecting the Puente Hills MRF to the PHIMF has been constructed up to the Union Pacific Railroad right of way. Upon completion of the railroad bridge, excavation of the remaining portion of the access road will begin. Construction of the administration and maintenance building, installation of onsite utilities and drainage, and erection of perimeter block walls continues at the PHIMF site.

December 2011
Drilling and installation of soldier piles along a 3-mile segment of Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way continues. As soldier piles are completed, precast wall panels are placed between the piles to form a retaining wall that will provide adequate horizontal clearance for the construction of a new staging track for PHIMF operations.

December 2011
Interior of the administration building with structural framing erected and rough-in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fire sprinklers installed.

November 2011
The installation of structural elements of the administration building continues.

September 2011
The grading activities for the internal access roads connecting the Puente Hills MRF and the PHIMF was completed. Once the roads are paved, the exterior walls for these roads will be poured.

August 2011
An administration and maintenance building will be constructed to serve the PHIMF. The concrete masonry blocks were placed for the maintenance building and the structural steel frame for the administration building was erected. Other work at the PHIMF includes utilities installation to provide electricity, water, and communication to the PHIMF.

July 2011
The project involves the installation of more than 2000 solider piles for the retaining wall along Union Pacific Railroad right of way. The installation of these piles are ongoing and will continue through most of the project's duration.

June 2011
The bridge supporting the southern portion (eastbound lanes) of Workman Mill Road was constructed and all lanes on Workman Mill Road were reopened on July 1. The second bridge in the photo will provide access for employees to access the west side of the property from the PHMRF.

April 2011
Overview of the PHIMF construction. The offstreet access road that will connect the PHMRF to the PHIMF can be clearly seen in this photo.

March 2011
Work in the Union Pacific right-of-way started in January 2011 with clearing, grubbing, and minor grading adjacent to the future PHIMF site. This will allow the contractor to build a track that will divert the existing rail lines around the construction area for the future access road. This access road will eventually directly connect the PHIMF to the PHMRF.

February 2011
Grading at 2500 Pellissier was completed in February 2011. Current work at the site includes the installation of subsurface utilities and building pads for the future administration and maintenance buildings. The construction of the eastern perimeter wall is almost complete and will serve as a visual barrier with our neighbors on the east.

December 2010
Temporary fencing was being installed around the site and will be in place for the next two years. The contractor is also preparing the eastern boundary of the site for the perimeter wall that will be built in late December/early January.

December 2010
Construction of the Puente Hills Intermodal Facility and Railroad Improvements project started on December 6, 2010 at 2500 Pellissier Place, the site of the future PHIMF. The contractor started by clearing and grubbing the site and then continued with minor grading of the southwestern portion of the site.

November 2010
The sides of the reconfigured storm drain was poured and the falsework and steel reinforcement for the deck are being installed.

October 2010
The invert for the reconfigured storm drain was poured and the falsework and steel reinforcement for the side walls are being installed. The alignment of the dedicated access road can be seen under the reconstructed Workman Mill Road bridge.

September 2010
Asphalt and paving of the southern lanes and sidewalk of Workman Mill Road were removed to prepare for the excavation and reconfiguration of a 10' x 12' reinforced concrete storm drain.

August 2010
Construction of retaining walls and grading for new roads at the Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility continued.

July 2010
Overview of project construction.

June 2010
Half of the Workman Mill Road bridge has been completed.

May 2010
Grading for access road continues at the Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility.

April 2010
Rebars are placed in preparation for pouring concrete in the bridge deck.

April 2010
The soldier pile caps for the retaining wall outlines the alignment and width of the future dedicated access road.

March 2010
Soldier pile retaining wall continue to be installed to support the future dedicated access road.

February 2010
Overview of construction at Workman Mill Road.

January 2010
All work related to site demolition was completed.

December 2009
A sewer siphon was constructed to allow for the removal of two existing sewer lines that were within the construction limits of the Workman Mill Road and access road improvements.

November 2009
Concrete from demolition activities is recycled and processed at the site for reuse.

October 2009
Demolition of the warehouse b
uilding was completed.

August 2009
A demolition contractor removed the roof of the existing warehouse building at the future Puente Hills Intermodal Facility site. Salvaging of recyclable and recoverable interior building materials, such as lumber and steel, continued through Summer 2009.

June - August 2009
Multiple utilities, such as a potable water pipe and a natural gas line, were relocated to facilitate the construction of a dedicated access road between the existing Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility and the future Puente Hills Intermodal Facility. The two facilities are separate by Workman Mill Road and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

June 2009
Partial lane closure began at Workman Mill Road to accommodate construction.