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What To Do After the Puente Hills Landfill Closes on October 31, 2013: Customer Information

September 24, 2013

Although the Puente Hills Landfill is scheduled to close on October 31, 2013 when its permit expires, there are other Sanitation Districts' facilities available for disposal and recycling -- including the nearby Puente Hills Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) that shares the same entrance with the landfill.  The Puente Hills MRF will accept all kinds of waste for recycling and disposal, including commercial, construction/demolition, and residential wastes.  The Puente Hills MRF will also accept green waste at a discounted rate.  Beginning November 1, 2013, the Puente Hills MRF is scheduled to be open from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, to receive waste and recyclables.

Other Districts' facilities, the Downey Area Recycling and Transfer Facility, the
South Gate Transfer Station, the Commerce Refuse-to-Energy Facility, and the Southeast Resource and Recovery Facility, will also be open and available to serve the region.

Whole tires from cars, trucks and motorcycles are not accepted for disposal at the Districts’ facilities listed above. Please click on the link below for a list of facilities that will accept these tires:

Asphalt and dirt will be accepted at the Puente Hills MRF, the Downey Area Recycling and Transfer Facility, and the South Gate Transfer Station. Haulers disposing dirt and asphalt will be charged the Municipal Solid Waste and Inert Waste gate rate posted at each facility.  Please click on the appropriate link below for a list of additional facilities that will accept these materials.

Click the following link for:
Puente Hills Landfill Closure Notice
Puente Hills Landfill Closure Notice (Spanish)