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Industries Honored for Being Good Corporate Citizens

July 11, 2012

Harry Mehta, Industrial Waste Section
(562) 908-4288, ext. 2903 or
Sam Pedroza, Environmental Planner
(562) 908-4288, ext. 2310

Whittier, California – The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County today sent Certificates of Recognition to 575 companies for being “good corporate citizens” for the year 2011.  These companies have met their limits for wastewater discharge for at least a year, maintained their environmental equipment and fulfilled all permit requirements.  Ninety-one of the companies have received this recognition for more than five consecutive years.

”These companies have successfully demonstrated environmental compliance.” notes Grace Robinson Chan, Chief Engineer and General Manager of the Sanitation Districts.  “We appreciate and applaud their efforts, because it helps us comply with our requirements and run our wastewater collection and treatment systems cost effectively.”  Ms. Chan announced the certificate awardees at the meetings of the Sanitation Districts’ Boards of Directors.

“The recipients of these awards are pleased to receive them, knowing that the Sanitation Districts view industry as a partner in the effort to protect the environment,” notes Sam Bell, Vice President of Metal Surfaces, Inc., of Bell Gardens and chair of the Industry Advisory Council.  “We hope this will continue to be an award that is sought after by industry and recognized by the public.  The Sanitation Districts have always worked closely with industry, and recognizing industry for conscientious compliance is a further step to encourage companies to meet regulations, protect the environment, and save water and energy.”

The idea for the Certificates of Recognition originated with the Sanitation Districts’ Industry Advisory Council, an advisory group of 20 representatives from different industrial sectors.  The Council and the Sanitation Districts felt it was important that industries with good compliance records be recognized.  The Recognition Program is now in its sixteenth year.

“When we get the LACSD compliance certificate, those associates that are involved with the wastewater systems are glad that they are doing things right... it is a huge motivator for them.” stated Bill Woyshner, Manager of Environmental and Risk Management, Tuftex Carpet Division of Shaw Diversified Services in Santa Fe Springs.

"This is a great opportunity to build relationships between private industry and regulators,” said Cynthia Kurtz, Executive Director of the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership.  "It is critical that we work together if we are to rebuild the job base and economy of Los Angeles County."

"This Recognition Program demonstrates how industry and local government can work cooperatively to sustain jobs and protect public health and the environment”, added Dave Snyder, head of the Sanitation Districts’ Industrial Waste Section.

The Sanitation Districts are a regional agency consisting of 23 independent special districts serving over 5.7 million people in 78 cities and the unincorporated territory within Los Angeles County.  The Sanitation Districts protect public health and the environment through innovative and cost-effective wastewater and solid waste management, and in doing so convert waste into resources such as reclaimed water, energy, and recycled materials.


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