Follow the Flow

Follow the Flow…Where Liquid and Solid Waste Come From…And Where They Go is a teacher's guide will help introduce your students to the topics of solid waste management and wastewater treatment and is designed to be used before and after a tour of the Sanitation Districts' facilities. Follow the Flow contains background information and innovative classroom lessons and activities for students in Grades 5-12. The guide is correlated to California State Content Standards. To request a free hard copy of the guide, please contact the Sanitation Districts.

If you are downloading Follow the Flow, please note that some of the lessons require supplementary materials, such as brochures and posters, can be downloaded here. Hard copies of brochures and posters are available by contacting the Sanitation Districts.

Follow the Flow Introduction

Solid Waste Lessons:

Wastewater Lessons:

Appendices (Contains Correlations to California State Content Standard and Glossary)