Public Counters

Joint Administration Office
1955 Workman Mill Road
Whittier, California 90601

(562) 908-4288, Extension 1205
(562) 908-4251 (fax)

Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM

The Engineering Counter issues bid documents for construction contracts, provides drawings of Sanitation Districts' facilities, issues Trunk Sewer Connection Permits for 6-inch diameter or smaller private sewer laterals, and performs sewer plan review for direct and indirect connections of 8-inch diameter or larger sewers to the Sanitation Districts' wastewater collection system in the public right-of-way. Staff is available to answer questions and assist with requests for drawings, sewer connection permits, and plan review. 

Projects that involve construction within a Sanitation Districts’ easement require a “buildover” proposal.  For additional information on Buildover Procedures and Requirements, please contact Mr. Ed Stewart at (562) 908-4288, extension 2766, or by email at

As-built plans of Sanitation Districts’ facilities are now available to view and download through the LACSD Underground Utilities Application. Plans may also be requested by completing the Sewer Plan Request Form using the link below or by emailing your request to

Request sewer plans 

562) 908-4288, Extension 2727 or (800) 426-7414, Extension 2727

MondayThursday, 7:30 AM 
4:00 PM
Friday, 7:30 AM 
3:00 PM

The Wastewater Fee Public Counter provides information regarding wastewater service charge rates, rebate programs, and fees for new users to connect to the Sanitation Districts' wastewater collection system.  Staff is available to answer questions and assist individuals in completing applications for various programs.