Calabasas Landfill Reopens after Fire Damage
November 14, 2018

The Calabasas Landfill reopened today after site forces completed key repairs to damage from the Woolsey Fire. The site has returned to normal services, including hours of operation and methods of payment.

Calabasas Landfill Closed on November 9 and 10
November 9, 2018

Because of the Woolsey Fire, the Calabasas Landfill will be closed on November 9 and 10. We anticipate the landfill to reopen next week and will provide an update when the reopen date becomes clearer. In the interim, alternative landfill options include the Simi Valley Landfill, Sunshine Canyon Landfill and Chiquita Canyon Landfill.

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Take a Tour of the Valencia Water Reclamation Plant on December 8
October 22, 2018

Have you ever wondered what happens to wastewater in the Santa Clarita Valley? Find out on this tour of the Valencia Water Reclamation Plant—one of the SCV Sanitation District's two sewage treatment facilities. The tour is free and open to ages 10 and up.

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Sanitation Districts Recognize Companies for Being “Good Corporate Citizens”
September 5, 2018

The Sanitation Districts recognize companies that discharge industrial wastewater that met and often exceeded strict requirements for protection of public health and the environment. Click on Read More to view the Press Release and list of "Good Corporate Citizens."

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Informational Video on Clearwater Project
August 14, 2018

With construction of the Clearwater Project beginning in early 2019, the Sanitation Districts has produced a 5-minute video that provides an overview of the project, including why the project is needed, what the project is, and how the project will be constructed. Click on this link to view the video. For more information about the Clearwater Project, please visit

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New Public Service Announcements
February 16, 2018

Staff has worked with the producers of the PBS show Curiosity Quest to develop three new public service announcements (PSA). Click Read More below for more details. We will be sharing these via social media in the coming weeks and seeking airtime on public cable. If you see something you like, please share via your social media.

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Need a Speaker for Your Next Meeting, Event, or Class?
October 6, 2018

The Sanitation Districts have had a profound impact on the development of Los Angeles County. Our Speakers Bureau Program provides, at no cost, speakers to give presentations about our agency, projects, and programs. Request a speaker for your next meeting, event, or class and learn more about resource recovery and wastewater and solid waste management issues.

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Sanitation Districts Joins International Water Industry in Taking a Stand Against So-Called 'Flushable' Wipes
June 12, 2018

Wipes and other products may be labeled 'flushable,' but that does not mean they disappear. The truth is flushed wipes can block toilets and pipes and damage sewer systems.

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Bixby Marshland Open for Tours on First Saturday of Every Month
January 1, 2018

The 17-acre Bixby Marshland, located near the intersection of Figueroa and Sepulveda in the City of Carson, was restored by the Sanitation Districts in 2009. This marshland is a unique habitat located in an urban setting. We are open for free tours on the first Saturday of every month from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. We also schedule tours for groups by appointment. For more information, or to set up a tour, contact us at (562) 908-4288, ext. 2301.

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