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Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District Chloride Compliance



The SCVSD, the public agency responsible for treating the SCV’s wastewater (sewage), has spent more than ten years attempting to achieve the most reasonable chloride limit possible and develop the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution to meeting the State-mandated chloride limit for the SCV.  In October 2013, after nearly two years of extensive public input, meetings, hearings, and environmental review, the SCVSD Board of Directors approved a project to comply with the State-mandated chloride limit and certified the associated Environmental Impact Report (2013 EIR).

Recommended Project

The approved chloride compliance project included new reverse osmosis equipment at Santa Clarita’s Valencia Water Reclamation Plant (WRP).  The water that has passed through a reverse osmosis membrane becomes ultra-clean water and the remaining salty water becomes a byproduct called brine that requires proper disposal.  Brine was originally to be managed by deep well injection.  In 2015, the SCVSD proposed to modify one component of the approved chloride compliance projectthe approach to brine management.  The proposed project modification replaced deep well injection with the addition of enhanced brine concentration equipment at the Valencia WRP and limited trucking of concentrated brine (an average of 6 truckloads per day, 10 maximum, during off-peak hours) to an existing industrial facility, the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts’ Joint Water Pollution Control Point in Carson.

Supplemental EIR

A new focused environmental review process began in September 2015 to analyze the environmental impacts of the brine concentration equipment at the Valencia WRP and the limited trucking operation.  A Draft Supplemental EIR was released for public review in late 2015 and concluded that the modified compliance project would not result in any significant impacts to the environment. A Final Supplemental EIR (FSEIR) was released in March 2016 that provides responses to all comments received during the public review period.  This document is available at the link below.

Next Steps 

The SCVSD Board of Directors certified the FSEIR on March 23, 2016. However, on June 2, 2016, the Superior Court ruled that the 2013 EIR as supplemented by the  2016 FSEIR was not fully compliant with CEQA. SCVSD is currently analyzing the best options available to comply with the court's ruling.

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