Noise Mitigation Working Group

Mitigation Measure 7-1 of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Puente Hills Intermodal Facility (PHIMF) requires the Sanitation Districts to implement a program in conjunction with two residential communities adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) to fund improvements to mitigate noise impacts from the project. Eligibility for this program includes all homes in the Gladstone Housing community and all homes in Whittier Woods community that are within 250-feet of the UPRR right-of-way. The program will consider the following:

  • Construct sound walls along the UPRR right-of-way, and/or
  • Upgrade doors and windows for select residential communities with a minimum Sound Transmission Class rating of 25.

A Noise Mitigation Working Group consisting of representatives from the two residential communities (Gladstone Housing and Whittier Woods), Sanitation Districts’ staff, and a representative of Supervisor Molina’s office was established to develop the program for noise mitigation. The Working Group meets as needed to provide input on the window/door replacement and on the height and appearance of the sound wall. The representatives of the Working Group also act as a liaison between the residents within their community and the Sanitation Districts.

If you reside in either communities and would like information on how to contact your representative to the Working Group, please send an email to: