Sewer Science

Sewer Science is a week-long wastewater treatment laboratory for high school science students. In this award-winning program, students create simulated wastewater, clean it through a series of physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes, and test it for various water quality parameters.

The Sewer Science program receives rave reviews from both students and teachers as it provides a hands-on application of science. It not only teaches how wastewater is treated, but also links science and technology to environmental impacts and issues. Sewer Science is interdisciplinary and encompassing.

The Sanitation Districts brings the Sewer Science program to approximately 4,000 students in 25 schools each year. We provide all the materials for the program, including specially designed tanks, analytical equipment, workbooks for each student and even classroom facilitation.

Are you interested in bringing Sewer Science to your classroom?

Each fall, the Sanitation Districts holds a workshop where interested teachers can find out more about the Sewer Science program and sign up to have the program visit their classroom. The next workshop will be held in September 2014.